Oriental Ventures Group specializes in advisory and investment services for companies and startups in traditional and emerging sectors.

Capital Investment Services & Advisory

We have many years experience with company startups, developing ventures, business strategies, and capital investments in various industries, which allows us to deliver high quality and relevant advice to enhance strategy and business development opportunities.

Long-term partnerships with clients is part of our strategy. We are focused on outcomes, ensuring that business and projects stay on track. Using our network of trusted partners, advisors, and investors, we can provide a wide range of services.

Combining advisory, business insight, and investment expertise, we deliver exceptional growth across all stages of the company lifecycle.

For us investment is more than just a source of money. We also like to help clients with strategic decisions, team growth, and introduction to potential partners and customers. Our team like to take a company to the next stage, whether it be business expansion, a further round of funding, or an IPO.

International Investment

We work with international business partners and investors with experience across a broad range of investments, which allow us to support Chinese investments abroad and foreign investments in China.

We help foreign companies invest in Chinese industry and capital market. Every year we organize international business delegations to China to introduce investment opportunities, support business deals, develop partnerships, and setup strategic alliances. We work with industrial associations, governments, and partners.

Using our international partner network, we also help Chinese investors to do international investments in various industries in Europe and Australia.

Other Investment

Oriental Ventures as a group company has equity investments in companies in China and in other countries.