We build integrated E-Commerce Solutions for Your Business.

China Market

Digital technology has changed the business landscape and interaction between consumers and companies around the world. In every industry, new competitors are emerging and traditional competitors are using digital technologies to change the game.

China is the biggest digital market in the world by transactions, with the fastest-growing smart phone market and a big mobile commerce business.

Right Strategy

To reach full potential in the highly competitive Chinese market, it is important to have a good interaction with your consumers. Regardless of the channel consumers select to approach you—traditional, social media, or mobile—you want to provide a consistent end-to-end user experience to attract new customers and create new revenue streams.

E-commerce and mobile commerce solutions are an important part of consumer interaction. Solutions are much more than technologies, solutions are an integrative part of strategy and marketing. Excellent digital processes will help companies to attract new consumers, increase loyalty and retention, and promote brands in the market.


During the years we have developed broad knowledge of e-commerce business in China. We built an online B2B and B2C business platform with many product categories serving fast-growing Chinese and international trading business. As part of an investment program we developed our own consumer product brand for online business via mobile shop and platforms.

Our professionals have a good understanding of the e-commerce and mobile commerce needs and priorities of companies. Our client are in different industries:


We provide reliable e-commerce & mobile services and solutions to clients. Driven by innovation and following digital trends in the market, our team enhances solutions and services regularly.

We support all types of mobile Apps (e.g. Wechat, mobile). Our intelligent data platform supports consumer insights and precision marketing. Using the latest technologies, we can provide a solution with excellent user experience.

We have solutions for big data analysis, CRM, O2O, social media marketing, and omni channel (multi & cross channel) retailing. Requirements analysis, professional design, project management, and quality control are key parts of our services


For us it is about developing e-business, not about building solutions or technologies. We want our customers to achieve business results.

We combine market insights, business experience, solutions knowledge, and professional services to plan and implement effective, long-term e-business for our customers. Selecting the right e-commerce channels is a critical part of the e-business strategy.

Starting from strategy and client requirements, we build an integrated website, mobile, and marketing e-business that is trusted by brands and maximizes business growth in China. We help customers to define goals and measure business performance of websites and mobile commerce with KPIs and ROI to optimize your business.

We implement quality solutions for a wide range of consumer products and professional services in B2B and B2C business environments.