We focus on strategy consulting to start and grow your business.

Our Experience

We started consulting business in Europe 20 years ago and later expanded to USA and Asia. We are working in Asia since 2002.

We have worked with clients in various industries and managed strategic programs, business transformations, merger & acquisitions, business expansions, and solution implementations.

Our clients are multinationals and private companies in various industries in China/Asia.


As consulting organization we follow business trends and innovation in industries very closely. One of the big changes is digital technology, introducing new levels of competition and changing interaction between companies and consumers. Other major changes are new supply chain technologies, big data & advanced analytics, social media, and virtual connectivity.

Enterprise Transformation

Digitalization and new technologies are important strategic factors for companies to stay ahead of the competition. Implementing strategy and changes is needed to transform organizations and create long-term business value. We assist our customers with these transformations generating more rapid results and building lasting client capabilities.


Our team supports companies in different part of the company lifecycle e.g. start-ups, business expansions, mergers, business changes.

We provide strategy and marketing consulting services to clients to support business transformations and business growth.

For foreign companies entering the Chinese market, we provide services in market research, legal, strategy, etc.


Our consulting effort starts on strategic level focusing on delivering customer benefits. We work with company owners and senior management to develop and implement strategies to improve customer experience, marketing, innovation, operations, and cash flows.

Client programs and projects will be managed with clear plans, objectives, timelines, deliverables, and costs.