About Us

Oriental Ventures Group is a group company with subsidiaries and business partners in China & Asia. Orange Oriental Shanghai Co., Ltd., is our subsidiary in China.

We advice, we invest in, and we build business!

Combining business knowledge, strategic insight, and investment experience, we help companies to start and grow business in the dynamic and competitive markets.

Our business covers investment, ventures advisory, e-commerce, and consulting.

As entrepreneurs we like to develop ventures and support innovation in China & Asia via partnerships, investments, and resources integration.

Our Team

We work with professional investors, advisors, and partners to support clients in different industries developing business ventures, fundraising, and enhancing business growth.
Our team of professionals has experience in different industries, developing online business with effective marketing strategies, and e-commerce and mobile solutions.

Entrepreneurs Clubs & Events

We are active in the entrepreneurs network in China & Asia.

As entrepreneurs we are always looking to meet entrepreneurs and discuss new ventures, business partnerships, and innovative ideas.

We run entrepreneurs and e-commerce clubs, and we organize events in China.

. Co-organizer of EChinaExpo2015
. Strategic partner of Shanghai SME Center
. Co-Founder Share Club Shanghai
. Advisor for incubation centers

Useful Links

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